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Don’t let the Andrews Government destroy our suburbs with inappropriate development into suburbs like ours.

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  1. Jeff Harding Reply

    Please no increase in density of housing.
    Open up more crown land for residential development

  2. Daniel Benincasa Reply

    I don’t think your genuine about overdevelopment , I haven’t seen your side nor the other for that matter promote open space in mooroolbark, it’s too expensive to buy here anyway, and I’m 40 work full time and have another job on Sunday !!! You’re out of touch with what’s really going on … that’s why you’ll go down, I reckon about 46/54 on two party preferred at next election … I don’t even particularly like the Andrews government either

  3. jane attard Reply

    ten years ago I said the migration intake and thus, population growth, is out of control and will destroy our way of life. I was labelled a racist and politicians told me it’s all about the economy. Now, everything I said is here. Congested streets despite the expensive and ugly roadways, unaffordable homes, highrise appartments,loss of farmland and back yards, road rage and so on. Politicans like population increase because it disguises that the economy is not successfully managed. I was born in Melbourne but population growth has forced me out. I am leaving, at great finacial expense to my self. Melbourne is ugly, violent and overcrowded and the politicians are to blame.

  4. Bruce Mc Dougall Reply

    Thanks For the update David this form of Community design is completely unnecessary By The Andrews Government

  5. Ray Weatherby Reply

    I agree that we do not want to destroy our suburbs. However, as I recall, it was Matthew Guy who approved many many high rise buildings all over the place and gave away millions to developers in Fishermans Bend, so I’m afraid I’m not persuaded by the Liberal’s stance.

  6. Conchita Cabrera Reply

    I am concerned that our neybourhood is becoming too crowded and building excessively high affecting its caracter. Traffic is also increasing very rapidly in Timms Avenue.
    Thank you
    Conchita Cabrera

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