With less than two weeks before the state election, Victoria’s future success is in your hands.

And what a fantastic privilege it is to live in a democratic country with the opportunity to vote, and make your voice heard.

Whether you’re a first time voter or someone who has lived through many changes of government, your vote is important.

You’ve heard all the major political parties’ policies, what we all stand for, what pledges have been made. Now it’s up to you to make your vote count.

So while I whole-heartedly believe an elected Liberal Nationals government will build the Victoria we all want and deserve, I’d like to reflect on what I and my staff have achieved for the electorate of Croydon.

For the past 12 years, as Member for Croydon, I have devoted my time and work to my constituents. I am proud to be known for my commitment, my values and my efforts for my local area.

I’ve worked hard to secure funding for local schools, road improvements, better public transport services, local sporting and community groups and have been personally involved with many constituents when they needed a voice or representation. Sometimes they just needed someone to listen.

So on November 24, it comes down to you and your vote.

I walk the streets, am involved in many clubs and groups, and I listen to my community.

Because I am part of our community and want the same things that you do.

Safer streets and stations, less congestion on our roads, affordable housing as a basic right and above all a stronger, safer and successful community.

We have a beautiful natural environment we all must work hard at preserving, and an active and engaged community that deserves to be heard and supported.

I will continue to work hard for our local area and an elected Liberal National Party will allow me to deliver on my election announcements and achieve greater outcomes for our community.

So when you vote for on November 24, think about the importance of your voice, the importance of your community and the importance of your vote.

It’s an honour to be the Member for Croydon and I hope to continue to work for you and achieve our shared goals as your elected representative.