Back to Work and Back in Business

15 May 2020
Media Release

Liberal Nationals bold and ambitious plan to get Victoria back to work and back in business

The Liberal Nationals, and local MP David Hodgett have unveiled a bold and ambitious plan to get Victoria back to work and back in business.

With National Cabinet easing restrictions, the Andrews Labor Government must act swiftly to get Victorians back to work and back in business.

The Plan details how the State Government can help Victorians secure their personal finances, rebuild local economies, build better communities and keep their families safe.

This is not a plan for the next election; Victorians can’t afford to wait that long. This is our Plan for immediate action by the Andrews Labor Government so that Victoria can rebuild from the damage done by COVID-19 to our jobs, our communities and our lives.

While Victoria’s crippling state debt and record unemployment predictions hamper the State Government’s ability to deal with recovery efforts, 127,100 Victorians lost their jobs last month and small businesses are hurting – all while operating in Australia’s highest taxed state.

The Liberal Nationals’ bold plan provides positive suggestions that should be the key priorities for the State Government in the recovery phase.

Focusing on rebuilding local industries including manufacturing, tourism and shovel-ready local infrastructure will help to get Victorians back to work.

Cutting business taxes, charges and red tape will help Victorians to get back in business.

While the Liberal Nationals’ plan to get Victoria back to work and back in business focuses on rebuilding the Victorian economy through a jobs-led and business-led recovery, it also lays out plans to ease the pressure on household budgets and support quality of life measures including access to hospitals and improving education.

While Victoria has experienced the harshest lock down measures of any state, Labor has no plan to deal with Victoria’s COVID-19 economic recovery and has lagged behind other states in getting students safely back to school and safely re-opening businesses.

Victoria needs an urgent response to the economic damage done by COVID-19, The Liberal Nationals urge the Andrews Labor Government to adopt our plan.

The full plan is available at

Comments attributable to Leader of Opposition, Michael O’Brien:

“While we’ve flattened the curve, we’ve also flattened the economy. Jobs have gone and businesses have closed. ‘Business as usual’ just won’t cut it.

Comments attributable to Local MP David Hodgett:

“The Liberal Nationals have a strong plan to respond to the economic damage caused by COVID-19 to Victorian jobs, businesses and households.

“Victorians are resilient. We’ve come back from fires, floods and drought.

“Our plan will kick-start our state’s economy and get Victorians back to work and back in business. It will help individuals, families and communities across Victoria, but especially here in Croydon.

“The Andrews Labor Government has a history of slugging Victorian households and businesses to make up for its poor and reckless financial management.

“Our community here in Croydon are doing it tough through no fault of their own.

“The Andrews Government has a closing window of opportunity to adopt our strong plan to help out Victorian household budgets, create jobs and grow businesses.”

Media Contact:        David Hodgett 9725 3570