As debate rages over the Andrews Government’s poor handling of the taxi licence buy back scheme, a group of forgotten people at the heart of the chaos are literally losing everything.

For years many hard-working Victorians have poured their life savings into taxi plate licences to set up their family’s future.

Now many of those people are losing money daily, losing their families, losing their health and in some cases their lives.

The Liberal Nationals Government will save more than just the industry.

Surely that in itself is enough for the Government to realise it has made a monumental mistake with their ineffectual and inadequate buy-back program and offering a meagre level of compensation which for many is just another slap in the face of hard working Victorians.

The introduction of ride-sharing groups including UBER was one of the main game changes for the industry. Prior to this, investment in government issued taxi licences was considered a secure option and a way to build an independent retirement. Now many have mortgaged their family homes just to live day by day.

Many of the taxi drivers have said they knew that UBER was going to be a disruptive threat to the taxi industry but they didn’t bank on their own Government offering such pathetic compensation, which has only exacerbated the problem.

In a bid to support taxi drivers and their futures, a Liberal National Government will appoint Jeff Kennett to head Commercial Passenger Vehicles Victoria, formally known as the Taxi Services Commission.

This move will allow an independent review of the disastrous changes made by the Andrews Government which has led to the destruction of a secure future for taxi licence plate holders and more importantly, impacted their mental health.

The Liberal Nationals Coalition recognises the importance of the taxi, hire car and ride sharing industry to Victoria’s public transport system.

The yellow taxi has been synonymous with Melbourne and Victoria for years.

Combined they offer a valuable and flexible public transport system for the community.

But a Liberal National Government will place value on human life, which is more important than political point scoring.

Ordinary Victorians put their trust in the Government to protect their investments and jobs. They have been let down.