My constituency question today is directed to the Minister for Roads and Road Safety, and it relates to a vacant pocket of land in my electorate, which I believe was part of the land set aside to construct the Healesville freeway. The land in question is located next to Yarra Hills Secondary College, Mooroolbark, and runs between Cardigan Road and Cambridge Road. I have been contacted by several constituents who have been led to believe this land will soon be rezoned for housing.

This issue is of great concern for residents with properties abutting this land who are concerned there might be high-level density developments in their backyards. Therefore my question to the minister is whether or not residents are in fact correct and that this land will be rezoned, or if not, what the government plans to do with this land in future?


Minister for Roads’ response:

26 May 2016

VicRoads advises me that the land was acquired in the 1970s for the purpose of the Healesville Freeway project. The land is predominantly vacant and has a mixture of residential and public use zonings.

A strategic study of the Healesville Freeway was completed by VicRoads in 2009. The outcome of the study was that the subject land would be retained for future road purposes.

Accordingly, VicRoads advises me that it is not undertaking, nor is aware of any proposals to rezone or develop the subject land.