Thursday 3 September 2015:

Mr HODGETT (Croydon) — I stand to raise a very important matter for the attention of the Minister for Education. My adjournment matter relates to the full rebuild of Melba College in my electorate of Croydon. The action I seek is that the minister give a reassurance to the broader school community that he will fully fund stage 1 of the entire rebuild of the school in the
2016–17 state budget.

Several weeks ago I met with principal Terry Bennett, school council president Philippa Rowlands and members of the teaching faculty, who provided me with a very thorough update on developments in the full rebuild and showcased the plans for the new facilities. The rebuild will deliver a terrific, modern, state‑of‑the‑art educational facility, which will be an asset to Melbourne’s east once completed. In the lead‑up to the last election, both parties gave a commitment to fund this rebuild, which I was pleased about. I know the minister is working with the school community to deliver this rebuild, but we seek a reassurance that the full funding of stage 1 will be included in the next state budget.

In recent times staff at my electorate office have been contacted by several prospective parents and interested parties, all seeking a reassurance that this full rebuild will be completed, in anticipation of registering or enrolling their children to attend Melba College in future years. I again reiterate: can the minister provide a reassurance to the students, parents, teachers and school community that funding for stage 1 of the full rebuild will be included and released in the 2016–17 state budget?