It’s a time when Victorians are struggling with the cost of living, increased utility prices, the soaring cost of petrol, and for some even struggling to put food on the table. Yet the Andrews Government continues to pay hundreds of thousands of dollars for external advisors and consultants.

Astoundingly, these consultants have cost you, the Victorian tax payer, around $600,000 a day over the past financial year. And it’s continuing.

Imagine how far $600,000 a day could go towards basic school necessities, improved health care, much-needed crisis accommodation. The list is endless.

The Andrews Government has more staff than the country’s Prime Minister and continues to hire hundreds of tax payer funded consultants across a range of issues.

Many are hired by internal spin doctors to help spin the spin! It’s estimated Daniel Andrews has at least 63 advisors working for him and that’s not including the countless other consultants engaged by the bureaucracy on a daily basis.

But is doesn’t end there.

Why, for instance, would any government believe it necessary to spend money on drama coaches to polish the performance of a well-known model and actress? What does that have to do with policy making to improve Victorian’s livelihoods?

There is a need for expert advice in any business. When additional expertise is warranted and will create a more productive outcome, then advisors can be seen as money well spent.

But with hundreds of qualifiedpeople already working for the Andrews Government, both politically and non-politically appointed, the community has to question why so many external opinions are needed.

It’s no secret that the current Victorian government is shambolic.

It’s evident the government is in crisis mode. Victoria’s increasing crime rate, the infamous red shirts scandal, our abysmal road congestion….and on it goes.

But instead of utilising the large bureaucracy and ministerial staffing base, the Andrews Government blatantly spends hundreds of thousands of dollars, money owned by the people of Victoria, each and every day to put a positive spin on the issues the Government can’t solve.

Daniel Andrews needs to take a good hard look at what each department is spending on consultancies and then look Victorians in the eyes and justify this expenditure

Victorians need the leadership of Matthew Guy and the Liberal Party of Victoria.

When so much of this work could be done by the large bureaucracy and ministerial offices of the Government, it’s beyond belief how so much money is still being spent on consultants across all departments.

The only winners from such high consultancy fees are the consultants themselves and a Government that would rather waste the money of good, hardworking Victorians in an attempt to disguise its own ineptitude.