The Andrews government has a terrible record on road infrastructure. Let’s not forget that Daniel Andrews is the Premier who decided to spend a billion dollars to not build a traffic solution – one billion dollars of Victorian taxpayers’ money!

While our rapidly growing city continues to choke itself to a standstill with slowing commute times and a poorly performing public transport system, the Andrews government continues to make commitments to demonstrably unworkable commuter solutions that satisfy the whims of well serviced inner-city, NIMBY Labor voters but fail to recognise the needs of voters who live beyond cycling distance of the CBD.

Daniel Andrews has lost control of congestion and failed to get ahead of vital road infrastructure to stop our local suburbs choking with traffic. And that’s a real problem for suburbs like Croydon and the surrounding areas.

Croydon is just one of the outer suburbs feeling the effects of a growing congestion problem.

If elected, The Liberal Nationals will spend $4.6 million on improvements to the busy intersections at Maroondah Highway, Yarra Road and Kent Avenue. As well, a further $2 million has been announced to install turning lanes and complete other safety measures at the intersection of Plymouth Road, Golden Ridge Drive and Sand Gate Avenue in Croydon.

These are measures directly targeted at reducing risks to motorists and pedestrians alike and designing solutions to help cope with increasing population pressure in Melbourne’s suburbs.

A Liberal Nationals government will make sure that decisions about improving road infrastructure performance

and traffic solutions are delivered with professional oversight – without the kind of political interference that led to Labor’s $1 billion dollar waste of taxpayer funds to avoid building a competent traffic solution.

The Maroondah Highway intersection in Croydon is notoriously busy

The Liberal Nationals will get back in control of road infrastructure and population growth to help make all of Victoria a liveable, connected state again.