Every Victorian should have the right to feel safe in our suburbs and towns. Violence in our homes and our communities are the two issues Victorians are concerned most about according to a new survey by the Committee For The Economic Development of Australia.

Under Daniel Andrews’ soft touch, the violent crime wave across our state means Victorians no longer feel safe in their own homes. The Andrews government has cut $10 million in funding from Community Crime Prevention and axed the Crime Prevention Ministerial portfolio, which clearly shows their lack of priority and focus on community safety.

A Liberal Nationals Government will reverse these cuts and boost funding to the Community Crime Prevention program and victims’ support programs to $39 million, and reintroduce the Crime Prevention Ministerial portfolio so there is a dedicated focus on keeping people and communities safe.

The funding boost will be split into seven separate funds as follows:

  • Community Safety Fund – $4 million over four years
  • Crime Prevention through Environmental Design (CPTED) – $2 million over four years
  • Graffiti Prevention Grants – $4 million over four years
  • Supporting Community Safety Programs Fund – $1 million over four years
  • Public Safety Infrastructure Fund – $24 million over four years
  • Neighbourhood Watch funding boost – $2 million over four years
  • Support for victims of crime organisations – $1 million over four years

This will include grants of up to $250,000 for local councils to install CCTV cameras in trouble spots. CCTV cameras are a proven way to deter crime and assist in the quick identification and arrest of criminals

Croydon and the surrounding areas will be eligible to benefit from the grants, with local councils able to apply for funding to develop public safety and security infrastructure with the use of additional cameras.

Local councils are best placed to identify areas within their community that attract a higher rate of crime, such as parks and shopping areas, and then implement measures to stop anti-social behaviour. Surveillance cameras also help police to prevent crimes from happening and quickly solve criminal cases with material evidence.

The CCTV camera funding is one part of the Liberal Nationals comprehensive focus on community safety and crime prevention, which will also include more police on the beat, tougher sentencing and fixing the broken bail and parole systems.

This election Victorians will have a choice between more of the same soft and ineffective approach from Daniel Andrews or a tougher, zero tolerance approach from the Liberal Nationals.

The bottom line is Daniel Andrews cut crime prevention funding. Matthew Guy will make it a priority.