Would you have imagined the lessons learnt at 10 years on the sporting field would be applied in your 20’s and beyond?

Imagine at sixteen years old already embodying the traits of persistence, discipline and hard work… ready to deal with adulthood. The values grassroots sporting clubs teach us grows past the four walls of a clubroom; extending to the classroom, the lounge room, the office and beyond.

Healthy living.
Supporting others.

These skillsets don’t just come naturally. If you’ve been part of a sporting club at the grassroots level, take a moment to embrace what you’ve actually learnt. Whether it’s being selected in a team, experiencing a win, or pushed yourself past your limit – these experiences cannot be replaced.

Even the experience of rejection and handling pressure is character building.

Valuable life lessons are learnt at the grassroots level.

These characteristics create better people. Better individuals lead to better people, workers, a better community and overall a better state. Exactly what we aim to achieve here in Victoria.

Remember – Melbourne is the sporting capital of the world and the number one sporting nation per capita.

Our great city doesn’t get anointed with these titles without reason. We will continue to invest in our grassroots sporting system because we understand the value and importance.

So whilst investment in education, transport and crime, law & order is hugely important to ensure our younger generations prosper, investment into capital works for local sporting clubs – most notably keeping up with the growth in women’s sports – is also a huge priority for our party in the lead up to November’s election.

If you’re looking for real-life inspiration look no further the Richmond Football Club.

Compare Richmond to the so-called ‘Ferrari’ of the AFL competition – the Greater Western Sydney Giants (GWS). GWS are filled with top-end talent, most who have come through the draft as the best footballers in their age groups with huge egos and personal goals. Most would think this is the key to success and premierships are elementary. Think again.

Compare them to Richmond; a team of equals who all play their individual role who share the vision of arriving at the same destination. Something innate from the moment you walk out of the clubrooms.

Belonging and teamwork defined Richmond’s 2017 AFL Premiership triumph. 

That winning feeling doesn’t stop after the siren or the whistle. Nothing replaces the satisfaction of achieving a goal with your peers in any life situation. We can thank grassroots sports for this.