Crime is on the rise in Melbourne and Victorians are scared.

This is no media beat up: this is real and the latest dangerous riot in Collingwood shows that crime is spinning out of control in this state.

The Andrews Government claims crime is down by 10% since Daniel Andrews became Premier.

The facts say the opposite.

Aggravated robbery is up 30%. Robberies are up by 30%. Assault has increased by 37%. Aggravated burglary has risen by an astounding 48%.

Crime throughout Melbourne and Victoria is rapidly rising.

The statistics don’t lie and while Victorians are falling victim to these increasing crime rates, it is simply absurd for the Andrews Government to spin the facts and say crime is down.

Every Victorian has the right to feel safe in their own community and in their own homes.

Whether walking home from the train station, going out at night, staying home at night or even just ducking down to the local milk bar, many feel a sense of vulnerability because of the rising crime rate.

The Liberal Nationals have vowed not only to state the truth about crime rates but to do something about it.

A Liberal Nationals Government will reintroduce the Crime Prevention ministerial portfolio with a dedicated focus on keeping people and communities safe. In addition, it will boost funding to the Community Crime Prevention program and victims’ support programs to $38 million.

Daniel Andrews slashed Community Crime Prevention funding by $10 million and cut the Crime Prevention portfolio.

The Liberal Nationals’ firm proposal to make a difference to crime in Victoria, and get results is the polar opposite of the Andrews Government soft, hands off approach

A Liberal Nationals Government has vowed to ensure a greater police presence on our streets and tougher jail sentences. It will once and for all rectify the defective bail and parole systems.

A greater police presence is on the Liberal Nationals Government’s agenda.

Victorians have a choice to make: more of the same of Daniel Andrews’ soft touch on crime, or a tougher, zero tolerance approach from Matthew Guy and the Liberal Nationals.

The bottom line is the upcoming election will act as a referendum on who Victorians trust to keep us safe.