Let’s get Victoria moving again! The Liberal Nationals are going to deliver the biggest connected super-highway in Australia, and unlike the Andrews Government – this plan won’t be a broken election promise!

We’ll build an East West Link and a North East Link in tandem because Victoria needs them both and we need them to seamlessly work together. Our commitment sees the completion of the super-highway within 8 years – what has the Andrews Government done since 2014 to reduce the stress on our roads, on our families, on our lifestyle? It’s time we stop playing catch up and start to deliver major roads that Victorians need.

The Victorian Liberal Party plan to ease the congestion on Victorian roads by building an East West Link, a North East Link and removing 55 Intersections.

With our population about to hit 5 million, we need to stop flip-flopping with infrastructure and make some bold moves.

Construction on an East West Link will commence in 2020-21 after consultation with the Office of Projects Victoria on two proposed routes for an East West Link.

The first route is through a central corridor broadly connecting from the Eastern Freeway through to CityLink north of the City the alternative being a southern corridor connecting from the Eastern Freeway through to the West Gate Tunnel.

The plan will also see the removal of traffic lights and roundabouts through grade separations at 55 of Melbourne and Geelong’s busiest, most congested intersections.

The Liberal State Government’s commitment will allocate at least $2 billion initial funding from the Victorian Government towards the construction of an East West Link and a North East Link in its first term. The Commonwealth Government will contribute $3 billion and $1.75 billion towards an East West Link and a North East Link respectively.

And unlike Labor’s deal with Transurban – we won’t introduce or increase tolls on any existing roads, including the Eastern Freeway to fund the construction of our Superhighway.

Daniel Andrews wants to build his North East Link without fixing the Eastern Freeway and that’s a guaranteed plan for gridlock – we need to fix the end of the Eastern Freeway before completing the construction of a North East Link!

When Andrews scrapped the East West Link contract, wasting over one billion dollars in taxpayers’ money, it sent a clear message to Victorians that the appalling state of congestion on our roads was not a priority. His message to the 74% of Victorians who drive to work every day was that their issues are not his concern!

So all Victorians now have a decision to make on the future of our roads… a Liberal National plan to create a super-highway for a modern city to free up congestion and improve our standard of living, or Labor’s plan to force more than 100,000 more cars a day onto the Eastern Freeway.

The Liberal National super-highway is not just an election promise but a decision that will make a positive change to the future of Victoria for generations to come.

The details for our plan for building a new super-highway can be found on our website www.GetVictoriaMoving.com.au