Mr HODGETT (Croydon) — I rise once again to bring to the attention of the Minister for Roads and Road Safety the intersection of Dorset Road, Maroondah Highway and Bellara Drive, Croydon. This intersection is essentially two intersections operating as one and requires an urgent upgrade to alleviate traffic congestion in the local area. It has previously been identified as the second‑worst area for traffic congestion during afternoon peak hours in Victoria.

There are a high number of movements at this intersection at any time of the day, and with limited signal time, this intersection also sees traffic queuing for up to 1 kilometre during peak periods. This causes extreme frustration for local residents, as well as for motorists, who can spend an additional 20 minutes in their car while taking their children to or from school or while travelling from one area of Croydon to another.

Melbourne’s population is growing at over 100 000 people each year. Property development in Maroondah is in its prime, and financial investment is required from the Andrews government to reduce congestion in the area. During regular meetings with Maroondah City Council the government has continually flagged this intersection as one of its top priorities. I appeal to the government to provide the necessary funding for upgrades to this intersection to enable the free flow of traffic and improved safety in the local area. Last Thursday I spoke to students at Sacred Heart Primary School in Croydon. One young boy asked me when this intersection would be upgraded. Let us do it sooner rather than later so that when this young boy is old enough to drive, he will not have to experience the congestion, delays and traffic problems that exist at this intersection today.