On 16 March I had the pleasure of visiting the member for Bass and talking to local Pakenham residents about the dangerous McGregor Road level crossing, where two lanes each way become a single lane each way, and the daily headache this causes motorists travelling from one side of Pakenham to the other. Residents are tired and fed up. They just want to be heard by the Andrews Labor government, which instead of looking at improvements and ways to alleviate traffic congestion at this level crossing and along McGregor Road, has turned its back on Pakenham residents and passed the buck onto the Shire of Cardinia. This government is playing the blame game when it knows very well whose responsibility this level crossing is. I commend local MPs the member for Bass and Edward O’Donohue, a member of the Legislative Council, for their hard work in campaigning on this issue and listening to residents. If the Andrews government wants to get serious about level crossings it too should take the time to visit this crossing and speak to local residents.