Crime in Victoria is on the increase. Only the Andrews Government is denying that. And while we have Protective Service Officers (PSOs) manning our stations from early evening onwards, what about the crime that occurs in daylight hours?

The former Liberals National Government introduced the successful PSO program as a public safety measure. And despite its disparaging criticism at the time, the Andrews government saw the value and results from the program and chose to continue it.

Public transport users will be safer under a Liberal Nationals Government’s PSO scheme.

But while it’s one thing to keep a service operational, it’s another thing altogether to keep up with and address the increasing crime rates on public transport.

Either the Andrews Government thinks there is no crime taking place on trains and stations during the day, or it is simply continuing its head-in-the-sand, soft approach on crime. It’s something the public has sadly become accustomed to.

At the moment, PSO shifts are from 6pm until the last train. But criminals and thugs don’t operate exclusively on a night time roster. For this reason, a Liberal Nationals Government will work with Victoria Police to expand this effective program, with an additional 100 PSOs on a new daytime shift across more than 20 stations recognised as crime hotspots.

A Liberal Nationals government will expand the effective PSO program.

But our commitment to reducing Victoria’s crime rate doesn’t end there.

A Liberal Nationals Government will also get more frontline police on the streets and once and for all address the obsolete and dysfunctional bail and sentencing laws.

Police Association figures reveal police numbers have fallen under Daniel Andrews. There are now 190 fewer uniformed officers than in 2013 despite Victoria’s population increasing by over half a million.

This election is a chance for every Victorian sick and tired of being fearful within their own community to stand up and support a Liberals National Government which will in turn stand up and actively create a safer Victoria.