Victoria is recognised both locally and internationally as one of the world’s most liveable cities. Our tourist attractions, state of the art facilities, business opportunities and vibrant culture combine to create a lifestyle that attracts an increasing number of people every year.

This popularity comes at a cost however. Our surging population is contributing directly to the skyrocketing cost of living that is being felt across all sections of our community.

In 2017, the population living in the city jumped by 14.5%. Melbourne is now more densely populated than New York City. This unprecedented population growth is placing enormous strain on our aging infrastructure, and on the way we work, travel and live.

The Labour Government has failed to provide a vision to address the rising cost of living in Victoria.

We need to take action now to ensure our state remains a ‘liveable city’.

Daniel Andrews’ Labor government is failing Victorians – failing to address these pressing issues and failing to plan for our super-sized state, where infrastructure and housing are creaking under the strain of our unchecked population increase.

Our trains are packed, every day. Our roads are at a standstill, every day. Our housing prices become more unaffordable, every day. Our power bills increase every quarter and there is no guarantee of supply for the future. Gas and electricity prices alone increased by a shocking 12% last quarter.

Yet there is no Labor government vision for the future, no plan to build a strong and resilient economy that will address these issues and ensure that we continue to improve our standard of living. No plan to ease these pressures which will only increase as our population swells.

Daniel Andrews’ government simply isn’t keeping pace with what is needed, and is out of touch with the realities of Victorians who are struggling – struggling to make ends meet; struggling to get to work; struggling to pay their power bills; struggling to afford to live in the world’s most liveable city.

Increasingly, young people are being locked out of the housing market due to spiralling house prices; adult children are staying at home with their parents longer due to sky high housing costs; working Victorians face working until the age of 75 – assuming jobs are available; and the day-to-day cost of living is affecting all members of our society.

The cost of living for ordinary Victorian’s continues to rise under the Andrew’s Government.

Come election time in November, Victorians will be faced with the choice between re-electing a Labor government that is also struggling to keep up, or moving forward with a clear vision for a secure future under a Liberal government.