Cost of Living – David Hodgett

Cost of Living

Croydon electorate Cost of Living – A Priority for David Hodgett

Easing the squeeze on everyday Victorians

One thing we can all agree on – the cost of living just keeps going up and up! From groceries to gas, from coffee to car parking, rent to rates – everything seems to cost more each time you have to pay for it. The increased cost of living affects us all. Melbourne is the third most expensive city in Australia and inflation is rising faster here than in other Australian cities. Our energy prices are spiralling out of control. Average household power bills have risen over 16 per cent in the past year. We need to ease the squeeze on everyday Victorians.

Ringwood North, Mooroolbark and Croydon– Keeping the cost of living affordable

I am committed to maintaining a fair and reasonable cost of living, by building a strong economy that helps people to live the lifestyle they want. A strong state takes care of its residents through careful management and providing strategies to combat inflation and energy prices. Both I and  the Liberal party want to help build Victoria to be a robust and endeavour to create a nation that does this.

As a local, I have advocated for my community in the past as a councillor and mayor, and currently as your long-serving local member. I am passionate and committed to working on behalf of the district of Croydon which includes parts of Kilsyth, Mooroolbark and Ringwood. My work as the former Shadow Minister for Roads & Infrastructure, as well as for Ports & Freights, and my current Shadow Minister for Education role, keeps me informed about the actions needed to build a strong economy that will aid residents in reducing the cost of living. I believe in action, not just words, and can guarantee my commitment to the Croydon district and the state of Victoria.

Your grassroots member, from Kilsyth to Ringwood

Please do not hesitate to contact my electorate office if you require assistance with any State Government matter.

I am happy to discuss any issues you have and am always willing to join in the community. Alternatively you can click on the ‘Contact’ above and send me an email.


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