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Keeping our community safe is a priority

How do we keep ourselves and our communities safe? It’s time to get tough on criminals who are targeting ordinary people just trying to live their lives in peace. It’s time to take action against criminals who see us as soft targets, who have no respect for the right of each person to live without fear of being attacked or harmed in their day-to-day life. When I ask people about the issues that matter most to them, one of the highest rated is crime.
It’s hard to avoid the daily reporting of home invasions, car thefts, assaults and worse. It’s not surprising people are anxious. Watch the news and it’s all too easy to feel that it’s ‘coming to a street near you!’ – if not directly landing at your doorstep. We need to tackle crime head on with strong and effective laws and punishments that are actual deterrents for criminals.

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