Rail – David Hodgett


Keeping Railway Stations in Kilsyth, Mooroolbark and Croydon Running

Rail – keeping Victoria running on time

Affordable and efficient public transport is a central part of every major city. Our ageing rail system is lagging behind – not enough services, trains or lines to keep up with our population. Rail transport is vital for people across Victoria – not only commuters, but also students, visitors, families and those without access to a car. Add to this the need for an effective rail freight service to cope with the growing needs of our regional areas and it’s clear we need to take immediate action to build a better rail network. Our state needs solutions now – not years into the future. We can’t afford to delay the improvements needed to provide relief for our overloaded trains.

Connecting the missing pieces of Victoria’s rail links

All Victorians need access to affordable, reliable railway services. The Liberal Nationals will invest in a rail network that meets the needs of our expanding population and connects regional commuters with work, study and social opportunities. I believe we all deserve a safe and prosperous city to live in. If safe and reliable public transport is a priority for you and your family, the Liberal Nationals are the party who will take action to develop our rail network beyond the metropolitan area.

Positive action for Croydon and Victoria

I want to take positive action to provide solutions to the problems our State faces. A solution to over-crowded public transport and poorly maintained train lines and stations. With Liberal, you can ensure your voice will be heard, providing practical and planned solutions to help manage traffic congestion, railway upgrades and the soaring cost of living. I will work to ensure a safer Croydon district for all residents. Expanded rail networks are one of my top priorities for Croydon and for Victoria, along with roads, cost of living and lowering crime rates.

If you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact me. I am always available to discuss issues related to the State Government.


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