Intersection Removal – David Hodgett
Intersection Removal

Bottlenecks on our arterial roads are choking Melbourne and Geelong. This is why the Liberal Nationals have developed a new plan to ease the squeeze on our most congested arterial roads by committing between $4.1 billion to $5.3 billion to remove traffic lights from 55 of Melbourne’s busiest, most congested intersections.
Everyone agrees the removal of level crossings will help to free up Melbourne’s traffic congestion, but it’s only part of the solution. Another key part is to remove Melbourne’s most congested and frustrating traffic intersections, using grade–separations. Preference for grade–separations will be an underpass construction with consultation with the community, local government and engineering experts, determining the final design. The grade-separation configurations will be a closed diamond model of intersection removal – these will not be freeway style, clover interchanges.

As part of this project, traffic signal systems will be modernised to ensure traffic flow is optimised on corridors where intersections are removed.


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