Each week a group of over 50 dedicated Croydon and district residents from all backgrounds come together to make the lives of those less fortunate a little easier by providing meals and friendship.

The Dining Room Mission (TDR Mission) is an invaluable part of the social fabric of the Croydon area, giving those in need vital support and care.

But such an undertaking on a weekly basis requires not only dedication but money for ongoing support. TDR Mission is not affiliated with any church or religious organisation, and relies on donations and philanthropic grants for its operations.

A Liberal National Government will provide $25,000 to help the mission with its essential work.

The funding will assist with kitchen upgrades at The Dining Room Mission.

The funding will give the TDR Mission workers the additional equipment and kitchen essentials they need to provide meals to many residents each week. Add that over a year and the number of meals provided by the volunteers represents a huge combined effort.

The latest figures released in March this year by the Australian Bureau of Statists revealed a sharp rise in the number of homeless people – there are now over 116,000 people without secure housing or living rough in Australia, with over 20% of this number living in Victoria.

There are literally thousands of people in Victoria experiencing homelessness on any given night and the Croydon area is not exempt from this shocking statistic.

TDR Mission is one of many organisations working tirelessly to provide support and care for vulnerable people.

TDR Mission recognises that food is not the only essential their patrons are in need of.

It’s the friendships formed by sharing a meal that are so important in the lives of people experiencing hardship. Guests can enjoy a substantial meal every Tuesday night; in addition the program offers supportive relationships, a free clothes market and information about government and community services.

This commitment by the Liberal Nationals recognises that a healthy, supported and safe community starts with every individual being seen as a valued member of society.