Daniel Andrews boasts that he’s lowered Victoria’s crime statistics by nearly 9 per cent from the same period last year, and that’s a fair start but he’s got a long way to go to bring us back to where we were – he fails to mention the overall crime rate is still much higher than when he took the helm in 2014!

This reduction is like a drop in the ocean – Andrews has been responsible for a train wreck over the last 4 years and now he’s looking for accolades! What he won’t announce is that Crime Statistics data will show that sex offences were up by 13.4% from last year, there was a rise in public nuisance offences and across the board, last year was still the second worst for crime in a decade.

Victoria’s Crime Rate is still at much higher levels than at 2014.

Liberal leader Matthew Guy said Andrews had “presided over some of the greatest increases in crime in Victoria history”- and here we are in 2018, still worried as we go to bed that we could be woken by teenage gangs breaking down our doors.

It comes as no surprise to learn that a recent study by the Crime Statistics Agency shows repeat offenders were responsible for 44% of recorded crimes over a 10 year period. These criminals, mostly under the age of 25, each committed on average a staggering number of 12 offences over 10 years. It’s easy to assume they re-offend because they know they’ll get concurrent sentences if any, even if they commit the crimes while on parole or bail.

Bail breach penalties for juveniles were introduced by the Liberal government in 2013 to reduce the problem of repeat offenders committing a crime, walking out of court and re-offending again, knowing there would be few consequences – but after pressure from The Youth Justice Group it was repealed by Labor in 2017.

Consequently, offenders who commit multiple crimes usually serve their sentences at the same time, providing little incentive to change their criminal ways.

Liberal’s Shadow Attorney General, John Pesutto said with crime at a high, Labor’s move couldn’t have come at a worse time.

Softer laws and bail conditions are sending the wrong message to Victorian Youth.

“If you want to tackle the causes of crime, you first have to send the right message that you have to respect the law, and you have to respect bail conditions that courts impose. How can it be in the interests of community safety…of security, to tell young offenders like Apex gang members that if you breach your bail it’s not going to be an offence?”

While Labor continues their ‘softly, softly’ approach, sales of deadlocks and security cameras in Victoria continue to rise.

If Matthew Guy wins government, he intends to take a tougher stance and remove this leniency for specific crimes, including rape and aggravated burglary, and come down hard on the perpetrators who make us feel unsafe in our own homes. All Victorians deserve to feel, and be, safe in their homes, safe in public and in their daily lives.


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