It wouldn’t be a day in Victoria without another rubbish promise or monumental blunder from Daniel Andrews’ Victorian Labor government.

If it’s not another blatant lie here, it’s a distortion of the truth, there.

If it’s not another meaningless announcement with no substance, it’s an avoidance of the real issues facing everyday Victorians.

Australia’s recycling industry is in crisis, largely due to China’s change in policy which imposes restrictions on the importation of unsorted, dirty or contaminated plastics and mixed paper and cardboard. The bulk of Australia’s recycling was being shipped to China – now there is nowhere for it to go.

With nowhere to send it, Victoria is stockpiling millions of tonnes of recyclables – and they are ending up in landfill.

The policy directly impacts household recycling services, which are usually on-sold as a mixed product.

The recycling industry in Victoria is on the brink of collapse, with councils now having to stockpile millions of tonnes of waste – or dump it in landfill – as the ban begins to bite.

When did China first announce this ban? 10 months ago. And yet, 340 days later the Andrews government still has no plan and no answers for Victorians to tackle what is rapidly turning into mountains of recyclable waste.

The continued inaction of Labor is placing enormous pressure on local councils, who, faced with no alternative means of recycling previously acceptable items, are already discussing an inevitable rise in waste management fees for residents. In turn, this will again raise the cost of living for families and adversely impact already overloaded household budgets.

Victorian homeowners will ultimately bear the brunt of China’s decision to ban foreign waste, with the state’s peak local government body estimating ratepayers will be stung an extra $60 a year to cover recycling costs.

Ratepayers across the state will be expected to fork out to keep up their kerbside recycling services – all the while, having no idea what will happen to the items they pay to recycle. Potentially, it will all end up in landfill

Victorians are fed up with Daniel Andrews’ continued failure to take action on important issues.

Promises of taskforces, feasibility studies and discussions have resulted in no actual plans or solutions – and we need a solution to tackle this problem, now.

This Labor government has been characterised by lies, confusion, excuses and spin.

Jobs sorting recyclables are being replaced by rubbish trucks heading straight to the tip.

An independent task force is considering options to solve this ongoing problem – yet there are still no answers, only more of the same empty promises from the Andrews government. The delays and stalling are only exacerbating the problem and placing unprecedented and unrealistic pressure on Victorian local councils and ultimately upon their ratepayers.

This recycling crisis is not going away any time soon, and needs urgent resolution with the immediate implementation of a comprehensive action plan that currently does not exist in any capacity.

As it stands, the only ‘solution’ the Andrews Government has provided is passing the buck onto local councils, resulting in increased living costs for all Victorians and a mountain of recyclables taking up space in landfill.

Something’s got to give Mr Premier – stop short changing us with your predictable trash talk and start dealing with the real issues impacting Victorians – the people you work for.